Information Campaign 2013-14 - Modern Fuels

Information Campaign 2013-14

Within the scope of information campaign for the heating season 2013-14 of SKAI TV and Radio Station Affordable heating without the problems of last winter, the head of Modern Fuels biofuels’ production department and Modern Fuels Engineering Mr. Nikos Damatis was invited for yet another time by the specialised SKAI reporter in the field of environment-energy Mr. George Keramitzoglou in order to inform a wider audience about the latest developments on biomass, biofuel pellets and briquettes, as well as biomass combustion systems for residential heating (burner-boiler systems, air stoves and hydro stoves). This presentation placed important emphasis on the necessity of controls, measurements and certifications of biomass products and burning devices, so as to minimise environmental problems such as those observed during last winter due to burning of unsuitable materials.

The informative session was held during a special hourly tribute within the daily radio broadcast of SKAI “” presented by producer Ms. Christina Vidou on 23.10.2013. A further presentation session about the main issues consumers should take into account while choosing biofuel pellets and burning devices was held during the daily radio broadcast “First Line” presented by journalists Messrs. V. Liritzis and D. Economou on 24.10.2013.

Modern Fuels was also invited to explain to the audience of Athens municipal radio station Athina 9.84 the advantages and savings in favour of consumers resulting from the choice of certified burning systems of pellet biofuels, within the scope of a three-hour programme under the title Alternative forms of heating, presented by journalists Messrs. N. Karagianni, N. Adamopoulou and C. Kousiou on 25.10.2013.

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