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Information Campaign

Within the scope of information campaign of SKAI TV and Radio Station “How can we heat our homes more economically”, the head of Modern Fuels biofuels’ production department and Modern Fuels Engineering Mr. Nikos Damatis was invited by the specialised SKAI reporter in the field of environment-energy Mr. George Keramitzoglou in order to inform a wider audience about biomass, biofuel pellets and briquettes, as well as biomass combustion systems for residential heating.

The informative session was held during a special tribute within the hourly daily radio broadcast of SKAI “” presented by producers Christina Vidou and Dimitris Giatzoglou on 23.11.2012. A further 10-minute presentation session was held during the daily afternoon television news broadcast of SKAI “LIFE”  presented by journalists Eva Antonopoulou and Constantinos Bogdanos on 27.11.2012.

Listen here to the radio broadcast (in greek).

Watch here the TV broadcast (in greek).


SKAI Life 27/11/2012







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