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Wood Briquettes of High Energy Efficiency

It has been observed that the general public, while aware that the transition from fossil fuels to quality woody biomass (wood pellets, wood briquettes) earns an annual savings of at least 40% , is at the same time unable due to the current economic situation to acquire a certified and reliable equipment (e.g. air or hydro pellet stove, pellet boiler or energy fireplace) . This leaves no option but the hassle of burning wood with excessive moisture, uneven size, substantial bulk and excessive particulate emissions during the, inevitably, incomplete combustion, which of course provides no real solution to the heating problem. As a means of some relief from the discomfort of using inappropriate firewood for fuel, it is recommended to customers who cannot afford for the time being the upgrade of their heating equipment to use hardwood briquette from clean beech with low humidity (7 %), high compression (1,070 kg/cub.m.), high energy efficiency (4,940 kcal/kg) and of greek production. These hardwood briquettes are placed on pallets of 1,000kg with special protection film against moisture uptake . Each palette features 144 individual 7- kg packages, while each individual package has 4 pieces of wood briquettes in cylindrical solid shape (round section without hole) with a diameter of 75mm and length of 300mm, so it can be promoted in small amounts to retail customers too. Contact us for availability and wholesale – retail prices, which bust the myth of  “very expensive wood briquettes” prevailing among final consumers because of excessive pricing by most merchants.

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