Regional Trade Show “Argolis 2013” - Modern Fuels

Regional Trade Show “Argolis 2013”

From 15th to 19th May 2013 was organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Argolis in the building of agricultural cooperatives on the coastal road between Nea Kios and Nafplion the 10th Regional Trade Show of local, productive and touristic physiognomy, equipment for business and residence “ARGOLIS 2013”. At the booth of our local representative at Ligourio, Argolis, ERATHERM there have been hosted and presented to local public, as well as visitors from neighboring counties, among other exhibits, MODERN FUELS products from the field of solid biofuels. In particular:
- Wood pellets for applications in stoves and boilers for domestic heating and hot water.
- Agro pellets from olive tree  and vine prunings and agricultural residues for use in multi-combustion boilers for home  space heating, as well as in boilers for tertiary sector applications and burners for  industrial applications.
- Wood briquettes as a standard alternative and effective, compared to firewood, fuel for use in closed fireplaces, stoves and wood-fired boilers.
- Biocharcoal (i.e.  standard charcoal briquettes) from carbonization of 100% natural compressed wood briquettes (without chemical additives), providing fast ignition, high calorific value and durability for use in household
barbecues and professional grills.

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