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Since 1960, Ιtalian company MORETTI has prided itself in producing high quality fireplaces, boilers, air-stoves, hydro-stoves and ovens in presenting itself with the utmost professionalism, integrity and experience. A prestigious mix of production techniques, drawn from traditional artisan methods and technologically advanced methods together with a highly specialised team, means that MORETTI is able to realise any idea at very advantageous prices. The underlying philosophy of MORETTI is to provide – and guarantee – high quality products – an objective that requires ample space and time to be devoted for research and development – so as to offer customers ever more innovative and original solutions.

For over half a century, Moretti has been creating the highest quality products through continuous research and the use of excellent materials. Each product complies with all of the appropriate European rules and directives and is subject to quality tests and checks by independent external bodies qualified to evaluate factors such as performance, emissions and manufacture characteristics. It is worth noting that in Greece, according to common ministerial decision ΚΥΑ 07.11.2011, only certified Class 3 biomass combustion devices are allowed for domestic heating and hot water generation applications. This condition is fulfilled by all MORETTI devices.