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Russian Limited Liability Company “SP-Co” has been established in 2000. Since 2005 its specialisation developed to:

  • Equipment design and manufacture (both separate elements and packaged plants) for the fuel pellets production, briquettes, granulated forage, granulated fertilizers, wood flour and other products;
  • Design and manufacture of the storage bins and raw material transfer (biomass) facilities, dryers, heating power generators, transfer conveyors, bar conveyors, presses, coolers, cyclone collectors and many other;
  • Turnkey biofuel production projects.

As of January, 2012, 35 plants have been operating in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania and Hungary furnished by SP-Co LLC. In parallel, SP-Co company’s own factory in Pskov, Russia operates since April, 2004. The key success factor of the company is the existence of its own production of fuel pellets and equipment testing site in Pskov. The quality of pellets manufactured by Pskov’s plant exceeds the requirements of the most rigid European standards. In 2006 SP-Co supplied pellets to Switzerland, Poland, Italy and Czech Republic. In 2007 the manufactured pellets were awarded the diploma “100 superior commodities of Russia” at regional and federal levels. SP-Co currently enjoys one of the leading positions on the territory of Russia and former CIS countries and one of the top positions in Europe in terms of created fuel pellets production.

For the quality design of biofuel production equipment, SP-Co has created the design-engineering department equipped by state of the art technology. All plants are designed in three dimensional models, thus minimising the possibility of equipment elements mismatching between each other. As of the beginning of 2010 SP-Co was the single holder of quality certificate in Russia for the complex equipment on fuel pellets production and the single manufacturer of the total variety of pelletising equipment and production of briquettes designed by unified documentation system.

SP-Co always experiments with the new types of raw materials: flax, peat, grass, spirit barda, etc. as well as with new types of equipment. SP-Co’s own innovations and inventions regarding biomass combined dryer-chipping units and heating power generators have no parallel in the world. This machinery became the winner of the Competition Program “100 superior commodities of Russia” in 2009 and 2010.

SP-Co is steadily learning: company engineers and executives visited and investigated the experience of more than 20 plants in Europe and Russia and subscribed in all popular publications in Russia on wood processing and alternative power. SP-Co engineers and executives regularly visit and participate in all the significant bioenergy exhibitions, conferences and fairs and keep a vast technical library. As a result, SP-Co receives on a continuous basis many calls on consulting and technical expertise transfer for biofuel production processes.

Thus, at present in the field of the biofuel production process technology on the territory of Russia and former CIS countries, SP-Co LLC features as the indisputable leader, while at the same time it holds a prominent competitive position among the leading companies of the field in Europe.