2nd International Seminar on Processing of Poultry Residues - Modern Fuels

2nd International Seminar on Processing of Poultry Residues

Russian company SP-Co LLC (“SPIKO”), which is exclusively represented in Greece and Cyprus by Modern Fuels, was the organizer from the 22nd to the 24th October 2014 of a new consulting and methodical seminar on problems and, at the same time, opportunities arising while processing poultry farm residues for the production of granulated organic fertilizers. The event has taken place in a congress venue at the historic city of Izborsk, was the second of the kind  undertaken within 2014 on this subject and attracted the attention of specialists of the bioenergy and organic fertilizers’ sector from Russia and internationally, in number about 30 participants, among which engineers from company Modern Fuels.

SP-Co company sharply increased demand for biomass processing applications of this nature in the last two-three years, which led  not only to fast development of  technology, but also to steady improvement. At the moment, the first plant producing organic fertilizers from chicken dung undergoes its second operational year (Liski of the Voronezh Region, the Russian Federation – 6 t/h), while a second plant in Lithuania with capacity of 1 t/h is under initial operation and a production equipment contract for a plant on dung granulation for Kazakhstan is underway. The amount of inquiries in this direction from the different countries of the world constantly grows. It is connected with coming into effect in the next years (in some cases even in the next months) of penalties to poultry farms for accumulation of harmful waste.  The technology of drying and granulation of these difficult bio-materials, successfully introduced by SP-Co plant, will allow not only to turn waste of poultry farms into their income, to solve an environmental problem of settlements adjacent to poultry farms, but also will promote restoration of fertility of lands due to replacement of mineral fertilizers with the organic. This triune task was in detail considered by experts.

During this three-day seminar, directors and executives from poultry farms, as well as engineers actively involved in biomass processing applications were informed about the stages of implementation of a successful chicken dung utilization project through the effective combination of resources (time, finances, human resources, technologies), the possible “reefs” of such a task and the associated help sources. During the presentations of experts, engineers and scientists with theoretical background and many years of practical experience on the subject matter,  all facets of topics regarding the practical applications of proper waste utilization of broiler farms were considered in detail, namely:

  • Elements of environmental legislation in Russia and across Europe about the limitations, specifications and penalties associated with environmental management of poultry farming waste.
  • Fermentation technologies which accelerate the raw material preparation prior to drying and have a positive impact on the properties of produced fertilizers.
  • Drying and pelletizing technologies for suitably prepared chicken dung using equipment designed and successfully installed by SP-Co LLC in about 70 factories in Russia and internationally within a time frame of a decade.
  • Examples (case studies) of biomass processing plants for biofuels (pellets and briquettes), granulated organic fertilizers and granulated forage.
  • Technoeconomic analysis and description of feasibility study methodology for organic fertilizers’  investments from poultry farm residues in granulated or pelletized form.
  • Analysis of domestic (russian) and international markets of organic fertilizers, with special reference to international competition.
  • Organization and management of supply chains (logistics) from the receiving of raw materials through utilization-production of organic fertilizers to delivery to local and international markets and commercial wholesale and retail networks.
  • Consideration of the usage of pelletized organic products resulting from processed chicken dung as alternative biofuels for firing or co-firing power stations for electricity and heat generation.
  • Brief overview undertaken by engineers from company Modern Fuels of the existing experience of poultry farm residues in Greece, with particular emphasis on today’s practices, current commercial products featuring in the greek market, as well as on great prospects related to the utilization of such kind of waste using more advanced, effective, environmental-friendly and, mainly, much faster production processes.
  • Seminar conclusions stressed out the superiority of the proposed technological solution of  SPIKO (drying-pelletizing) in conjunction with fast fermentation technologies in suitable chambers of controlled conditions:
    - The proposed technologies ensure rapid cycles for management and production of dried organic fertilizers in granulated or pelletized form (with moisture of just 8-10%) only within 10 days at maximum, as opposed to fourfold or fivefold time required during conventional current organic fertilizers’ production with substantially higher level of moisture content.
    - Densified organic fertilizers’ form greatly enhances their marketability, as substantial cost savings on per volume transport are achieved. Furthermore, the field application of organic fertilizers becomes easier, more focused and controlled through the usage of special mechanical methods and farming equipment (e.g. seed and fertilizer spreaders).

Within the scope of the seminar, an industrial visit was organized for all participants in SPIKO biomass test plant (drying-pelletizing operations) in Pskov industrial zone. During this visit all participants had the opportunity to watch a demonstration production cycle, observe all stages of pre-fermented chicken dung processing through drying and up to pelletizing, get informed about all production parameters, pose questions, communicate directly with plant technicians and production engineers and receive samples of ready products.

Company SPIKO intends to repeat the seminars with a new series within 2015, thanks to the great interest and the rapid expansion of the technology of poultry farm waste processing. More information on the new series of seminars are to be announced shortly.

A collection of photos and videos is presented below from the seminar and the visit at SPIKO plant for the test run of the pelletized organic fertilizers’ production from fermented chicken manure.

Photo Gallery:

Video Gallery:
Video 1 | Feeding of Raw Materials-Fermented Chicken Dung
Video 2 | Electrical Display and Control Panel
Video 3 | General Layout and Interface of Production Equipment
Video 4 | Pelletized Organic Fertilizers Received Directly from Pellet Press
Video 5 | Pelletized Organic Fertilizers After Cooling and Sieving Operations


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