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    Company EL.ME.ERG. Ltd. has been active since 1985 in design, supervision and construction of electromechanical projects with applications in residences, offices, shops, hotels, industries. Company executives have been also involved in research issues related to biomass applications in collaboration with the Agricultural University of Athens (AUA) and the Center for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving (CRES) (e.g. development of energy crops such as miscanthus, biomass combustion systems for cogeneration, biomass dryers and other applications).

    Since 2007, the company is primarily activated in the production and utilization of solid biofuels and offers complete technical solutions for machinery and process lines from wood biomass and agricultural residues and by-products, as for instance pellet self-production equipment and pellet production lines, charcoal carbonization kilns, biomass gasification burners as a replacement of fossil fuel burners, biomass dryers, biomass power plants and cogeneration plants).
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    Modern production technologies and energy utilization of solid biofuels demonstrate that they are not a "return to the past" but a reliable and environmentally friendly solution within the current energy and economic landscape. [Read more from a presentation by Modern Fuels]


    Biomass Day 2017

    The Hellenic Biomass Association (HELLABIOM) in cooperation with the Center for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving (CRES) organizes on Friday 7th April, 2017 the event “Biomass Day” at Athens Metropolitan Expo featuring a series of presentations by scientists and professionals who are involved in the sector of biomass utilization and bioenergy. The thematics of the event relate to the biomass utilization in contemporary greek reality and to the biofuel pellet. In parallel, the program of CRES “Bioenergy for Business” will be presented with respect to heat generation from biomass in industry.

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    Wood Briquettes of High Energy Efficiency

    It has been observed that the general public, while aware that the transition from fossil fuels to quality woody biomass (wood pellets, wood briquettes) earns an annual savings of at least 40% , is at the same time unable due to the current economic situation to acquire a certified and reliable equipment (e.g. air or [...]

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    New Heating Season

    Heating season 2015-16 has arrived and Modern Fuels offers its wood pellet products at particularly favorable prices for customers and partners starting from 210 euros per tonne* (for professional customers and wholesalers) and from 238 euros per tonne* (for retail customers and end-users)!  Especially for professionals consuming pellets throughout the year (e.g. bakeries, hotels, small [...]

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    2nd International Seminar on Processing of Poultry Residues

    Russian company SP-Co LLC (“SPIKO”), which is exclusively represented in Greece and Cyprus by Modern Fuels, was the organizer from the 22nd to the 24th October 2014 of a new consulting and methodical seminar on problems and, at the same time, opportunities arising while processing poultry farm residues for the production of granulated organic fertilizers. [...]

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    Biomass for Energy – a useful guide

    Danish Energy Association (DEA) is a trade and professional association for energy companies in Denmark, which is run and funded by corporate members. Sustainable biomass holds a prominent position among the renewable energy sources that DEA highlights and supports in order to meet the electrical, thermal and cooling needs of industries, commercial businesses, public buildings [...]

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    Beer Pellets

    Beer Pellet – the by-product of the brewing industry received in the course of production of a mash from barley and malt. The share of a beer pellet in the total amount of waste of brewing production reaches 80%. In Russia for example, with more than 400 breweries in operation, it is estimated that an [...]

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