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Beer Pellets

Beer Pellet – the by-product of the brewing industry received in the course of production of a mash from barley and malt. The share of a beer pellet in the total amount of waste of brewing production reaches 80%. In Russia for example, with more than 400 breweries in operation, it is estimated that an average brewery “produces” up to 35 000 tons of  beer pellet annually. The beer pellet is high-quality protein feed for many species of agricultural animals, is used in the confectionery industry and other branches. But, despite all these useful properties, the fresh beer pellet practically isn’t used. This is caused by two main reasons:

1 . The damp beer pellet isn’t subject to storage since it very quickly turns sour. Example: at a temperature of about 15 … 300 C  its storage doesn’t last more than 74 hours. Besides, during storage of crude beer pellet the pathogenic microflora quickly breeds in it.
2 . The crude beer pellet contains to 80% of water, therefore its transportation in view of long distances is economically inexpedient.

Usually, sale of fresh beer pellet to the nearby agricultural enterprises has unsystematic character and the price is symbolical. Why does this occur? Because if you donot sell it, you can not simply throw it away and you must utilize it (the cost of placement of fresh beer pellet on the range gets increasingly high and, most certainly, environmental fines are to follow this practice in the near future. Another common problem is the absence of beer residues’ processing technology by most breweries. For these reasons, the question of processing beer residues costs very sharply.

During the drying and granulation phases, the highly liquid by-product can turn into a useful pelletized animal forage, which renders the process a highly profitable independent business.

As the beer pellet has very high initial humidity, one of the most important questions of processing of a beer pellet is its power effective drying.

Modern Fuels in cooperation with Russian company SP-Co LLC (“SPIKO”) offers a line of effective technologies and the equipment (ready decisions) on processing of different types of plant materials, including technology and the equipment for beer pellet processing.

Read here a technical description about brewing waste processing for beer pellet production.

Watch here a video about brewing waste processing for beer pellet production (4th video from the bottom of the gallery).


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