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1st International Seminar on Processing of Poultry Residues

The manufacturing plant of Russian company SP-Co LLC, which is represented exclusively in Greece and Cyprus by Modern Fuels, became the venue of a consulting and methodical seminar on problems of utilization of chicken dung from the 23rd to the 25th April 2014. It was the first such event, nevertheless, it met the most courageous expectations of organizers: drew attention of experts from seven countries (Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Hungary, Uzbekistan), and number of participants – more than 30 people.

SP-Co company as nobody feels increase in demand for processing of biomass of this nature in the last two-three years that allowed not only developing technology, but also repeatedly to improve it. At the moment, the first plant makes organic fertilizers from chicken dung undergoes its second operational year (Liski of the Voronezh Region, the Russian Federation – 6 t/h), a plant in Lithuania on 1 t/h is now under installation and the equipment of the first stage of plant on dung granulation for Kazakhstan is being prepared. The amount of inquiries in this direction from the different countries of the world constantly grows. It is connected with coming into effect in the next years (somewhere – in the next months) penalties to poultry farms for accumulation of harmful waste.  The technology of drying and granulation of these difficult bio-materials, successfully introduced by SP-Co plant, will allow not only to turn waste of poultry farms into their income, to solve an environmental problem of settlements adjacent to poultry farms, but also will promote restoration of fertility of lands due to replacement of mineral fertilizers with the organic.  This triune task was in detail considered by experts.

Two days of work were saturated with speeches of experts, discussion and an exchange of the first experience.  The theoretical base was put by the report of the academician, doctors of science, the chief researcher is GNU WNITIP RSA Lysenko W.P. (Moscow) generalizing it forty years’ experience over this problem.

Steadily caused a resonance of speech of the director general of JSC SP-Co Slipchenko P.P. (Pskov) about technology, the equipment and ten years’ experience of the company which has completed already more than 65 plants in the different countries, on different bio raw materials.

Representatives of the Dyunamis companies (Y.V. Golosov, Moscow) and Biogran (V.A. Kocherga.  Ukraine/Russia) presented the technologies of dung fermentation, which accelerates process of preparation of raw materials to drying and positively influences properties of future fertilizer.

The participants studied the review of the equipment applied to initial decrease in humidity presented by executive director of SP-Co Dmitrovich O. G. (Pskov).

Great interest was attached to a video movie demonstration from the operating enterprise in Liski and comments were made by experts about it. In general, audio-visual material in the form of slides, photos, 3D models, videos, drawings, were shown by all presenters and a collection of hardcopy information material of the seminar circulated have assisted the participants to penetrate in particular technologies of processing of poultry dung.

The considerable part of presentations was devoted to the organization of sales of fertilizers from dung; it is no secret, that production of a product constitutes only a part of the work which should be carried out before the goods end up to the customers’ premises. It is remarkable that experience of sales of this unique natural fertilizer is already common both in the domestic Russian market, and out of borders. It was paid much attention to the work neede with allowing bodies, network retailers, wholesale buyers and other components of sales. The participants were inspired by the message of the representative of the company Logov and partners (Kobets V. G., Tallinn/g Pskov) about service of customs registration provided by them, logistics and export of these goods, as a whole, from any point of the Customs union to any country of the world, any kind of transport, through any customs point interesting the seller.

The technology of implementation of projects was shined in speech of the director general of JSC Portal Engineering Ovsyanko A.D. (St. Petersburg). Directors and leading experts of poultry farms received information on the main stages of this work, necessary resources (time, finance, people and technologies), “reefs” and help sources.

Organizers tried to supply participants with information and on solutions of a problem of financing:  presentations and contact information of banks, leasing and insurance companies with which SP-Co already has experience were presented to them.

Separately at a seminar the question of application of granules from dung as fuel was considered. The foundation for discussion was laid by speech of the chief engineer of JSC Portal Engineering (St. Petersburg) Pechnikov S.A. based on the whole series of tests. Participants agreed in opinion that it is a socially responsible option to implement the application of the granulated dung as fertilizer, instead of its burning, though special technology and the specific equipment can be also offered by JSC SP-Co in an economic and effective way.

Demonstration of processing of dung in granules on the platform of SP-Co became logical end of a seminar. Participants saw all stages of this process, could ask the last questions, literally feel parameters of raw materials, communicated without intermediaries with workers and engineers and received production samples.

Despite a number of purchase orders about equipment of SP-Co to be followed soon, this was not the main outcome of the seminar.  Organizers consider the purpose was reached because, as we know, information rules the world.  Those who found opportunity to receive it first-hand are ready to accept the calls of time and their business stands on the feet much more steadily.

In parallel to the seminar, a three-day stay in remarkable hotel complex “Izborsk” with excursion to the birthplace of the Russian state – in Izborsky fortress, with bathing in life-giving Slovensky spring, with opportunity to take a steam bath in the Russian bath and to take pleasure in Russian cuisine, have all shaped a worthy frame of constructive collaboration of professionals.

It was pleasant to get acquainted! We hope for cooperation development. Applications for participation in the following seminars are underway.


1st International Seminar on Organic Fertlizers from Poultry Residues

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