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Wood Pellets

Specifications of wood pellets by Modern Fuels 

Wood pellets are produced at the facilities owned by Modern Fuels in Tripoli Industrial Estate. The factory has currently a processing capacity of  6.000 tons per year, while there is provision for expansion of production infrastructure. Feedstock used is barkless coniferous wood (mainly fir and secondly pine wood), as well as residues and by-products resulting from saw mills and wood-working factories (such as saw dust, wood shavings, wood chips, wood pieces).

Wood pellets produced are according to European Standard ΕΝ 14961-2, which deals with the specifications of wood pellets for non-industrial use and is now adopted by the Hellenic Standardization Organization (ELOT). The main parameters according to the codification of the above norm are presented below:

Specifications of wood pellets according to EN 14961-2 standard:
Producer: Modern Fuels, Tripoli Industrial Estate, Arcadia, Greece.
Feedstock Origin: Coniferous wood without bark.
Dimensions: Diameter D06 (6±1mm) – Length 3.15mm≤L≤40mm.
Moisture: M10 (≤10%).
Ash: A1.0 (≤1.0%).
Mechanical Durability:DU97.5 (≥97.5%).
Fines:  F1.0 (≤1.0%).
Bulk Density: BD650 (≥650 kg/m3).
Additives: No.
Lower Heating Value: 19 MJ/kg – 4550 kcal/kg – 5.3 kWh/kg.
Higher Heating Value: 20.5 MJ/kg – 4900 kcal/kg – 5.7 kWh/kg.

Modern Fuels wood pellets are undergoing macroscopic quality tests on-site, as well as frequent analyses by certified scientific laboratories, which enable factory management to continuously monitor and assure product quality and to standardise the successive production stages.

Packaging & Delivery

Wood pellets by Modern Fuels are packaged in plastic bags of 15kg each and are delivered in pallets of 990 kg, i.e. each pallet bears 66 bags. Each wood pellet bag is resistant and sealed in such a way as to prevent absorption of ambient moisture. For ideal protection against weather conditions and for maintenance of product quality over an extended time period, it is recommended to store the pellet bags in dry and indoor spaces (preferably not under outdoor shelters or next to apartment building entrances).

In cases of industrial applications it is possible to deliver in closed water-proof big bags, weighing 500kg each, after relevant communication and pre-order placement with the company.

Wood pellet delivery can take place at Modern Fuels production facility, Block 4, Tripoli Industrial Estate, Tripoli, Arcadia during working days and hours (Monday to Friday 08.00-16.00 and Saturdays 09.00-15.00), as well as at the premises of  Modern Fuels biofuel products’ distributors.